Exploring the Scenic & Refreshing Conway Riverwalk in South Carolina

Conway Riverwalk is a scenic and refreshing recreational area located in the town of Conway, South Carolina. Situated on the Waccamaw River, Conway Riverwalk offers its visitors an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life as its seven-mile riverwalk winds its way through the riverside downtown area and beyond. Along the trail, visitors will find many activities to partake in, from kayaking, fishing and biking, to relaxing on the parks’ benches or in the numerous fishing piers. There is also a large, 1,700 foot pier that allows visitors to cast their poles and spend a sunny day out in the sun, enjoying the calming views of the river. Residential development is also nearby, allowing visitors to take in the full majesty and serenity of the area. Learn more here.

The Conway Riverwalk offers unique displays of local wildlife and vegetation, while pedestrian walkways provide even more spots to explore and take in the views. Lush, green foliage and splayed trees welcome visitors and offer a relaxing setting. Seagulls, ospreys and pelicans abound, while the river itself is a destination for many kinds of manatees and dolphins. The entire trail is paved and provides bicycle riders, runners and proponents of a leisurely stroll a comfortable ride. The path meanders amid commercial developments, residential neighborhoods, public parks and scenic picnic spots. Those visiting can also catch sight of the two rare, local sandhill crane flocks that can be seen along Conway Riverwalk, along with other wildlife, such as white and pink pelicans. Learn more about Exploring the Natural Beauty of Waccamaw National Wildlife Refuge in Conway, SC.